Ugly wardrobe

Textile recycling board「PANECO」
Textile recycling board「PANECO」

Under the significant impact of covid-19 on the fashion industry,

continued stagnant consumption generated a large amount of surplus.

We took over about 500 surplus items that were to be incinerated.

Using a compression method that makes full use of our unique processing technology,

we sublimated the material into a material that has both strength and beauty.

Then we created a wardrobe from that groundbreaking product .

Rather than ignoring that clothes created for wearing are incinerated without being worn,

upcycling to a wardrobe that can be close to clothing industry.

It reflects the desire to find a way to use it as a sustainable material for as long as possible.

This wardrobe, which intentionally left the pattern of the crushed fabric as it is, was named “Ugly wardrobe”.

This proposal to add design to the upcycling process and use it in daily life makes this social problem feel like a problem close to our lifestyle.

Design by h220430 / Satoshi Itasaka

Manufacture:WORKSTUDIO Corporation
Material:PANECO®︎ (Textile Recycling board “PANECO” made from waste clothing)